PLC – Photography, Light & Creativity Stockholm, Sweden based Photography School. Owned and ran by Photographer & Instructor Ana Juarez. Since last year, we’ve been expanding our Workshops & services to cover different regions around the world. Now we’re operating in Dubai, as our base in the Middle-East.


you can booking your seat from 11\10\2018 to 1\1\2019


To create a community of professional photographers, models, art directors, designers, and stylists, who are able and got the knowledge to perform and work in the international standards. Not only by learning the tools, but also to practice and have the mindset of an artist from head to toe. Also to create a loving, friendly, and supportive community of artists. So by time, we get to know who are the real artists, and illuminate hustlers.


We are looking to make Dubai an international fashion hub. A city that designers would hire its artists blindly, based on its reputation of professional, highly educated, hard working artists. That would include certified and licensed professional individuals.

Why Do We Do Photographer ?

We express our self, creating art of captured moment of beauty and emotion of every day to create everlasting memory and make people see beauty in details

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